People and data-led change solutions deeply tailored to you

People and data-led change solutions deeply tailored to you

Who we are

Together, we are a hand-picked community of expert Change and Communication specialists. We combine our collective experience and deep insights, partnering with you, to enable you to deliver strategy effectively.

Uuna is based on the Latin word for together.

What we do

We provide people and data-led change solutions deeply tailored to you including:

  • Bespoke change and communication strategies adapted to your unique context, to deliver new ways of working
  • Flexible resource solutions, including scalable access to specialists and Quality Assurance of delivery
  • Data-driven diagnostic tools to validate intuition, inform decisions and deliver sustainable change

How we can help

Design and deliver change and transformation strategies

  • Programme and change strategy design and delivery
  • Delivery resources to lead or augment internal teams
  • Agile and scrum approaches
  • Target Operating Model design/enablement

Align and engage the organisation on the change

  • Facilitating leadership and organisational alignment, co-creation and buy in
  • Change communication and engagement strategies and compelling content to inspire
  • Behaviour and mindset change to drive adoption and culture evolution

Build change capability and agility to future proof

  • Leadership change capability and coaching
  • Removing barriers to implementing and embedding change
  • Elevating capabilities of the organisation to continuously improve

Diagnostic tools to maximise your success

  • Powerful, simple, quick to complete diagnostics informing a data-led approach
  • Based on feedback directly from your people
  • Tailored to your unique context

How we work with you to deliver strategy

At the heart of the way we work are three phases of work that continually iterate – Listen & Understand, Co-create solutions and Implement & embed.

The Uuna Wheel of Change
CHANGE OPPORTUNITY STRATEGY DELIVERY CHANGE OPPORTUNITY STRATEGY DELIVERY C O M M U N I C A T E C O M M U N I C A T E C o c r e a t e s o l u ti o n s I m p l e m e n t & e m b e d L i s t e n & u n d e r s t a n d W O R K I N G T O G E T H E R Data Driven Tailored Agile People Led
  • Anything that’s dependent on people working in a new way typically needs a considered change management approach.
  • Sometimes it’s not an obvious change opportunity:
    • You want to increase sales or bring a new product or service
    • You want to improve processes, introduce new technology or restructure teams
    • You want your teams to align on shared goals, working collaboratively
  • Change is the engine room of implementing a strategy
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  • Communication drives everything.
  • Typically that could look like:
    • Communicating regularly and proactively during change to build trust, sometimes even when there’s nothing new to say to keep dialogue open
    • Tailoring communications to the different communities and audiences we’re talking to for greater impact
    • Communicating at the right time and using the right channel so messages resonate with people
    • Being visual whenever possible
    • Joining up change interventions to create one holistic change experience for your people
  • We start by explaining the why. So, every time we’re asking people to do something. Why? What are we driving towards? Why is it important for all of us? and most importantly of course, ‘what does it mean for me?’, treating people as individuals
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  • We work together with you to deeply tailor solutions to your context
  • We ask questions to find out about your culture, your operating context, how previous change has landed, how your people feel about change now and what expectations the business might have
  • Listening to your answers and understanding your situation are critical to creating a bespoke solution that’s right for you and creating the conditions for success
Diagnostic tools »

Diagnostic tools

  • Organisational readiness:
    How ready for change is your organisation?
  • Leader Alignment:
    How aligned are your leaders on the change?
  • Change Programme Effectiveness:
    How effective do your people think your change initiative is?
  • Based on what we’ve learnt about your organisation, we co-create solutions unique to your context and, what you want to achieve. We focus on achieving outcomes, delivering tangible value early and regularly
  • Where possible, working with people who will be impacted by change to shape solutions, creating ownership. Managers for example, are key to the change effort, because they sit in a unique position between operational reality and strategy
  • It also means your change is grounded in real life, because it’s been co-created by those who will ultimately be responsible for embedding it
  • We work in partnership with your people to upskill you to sponsor and lead change effectively building a lasting change
  • That could mean helping leaders to be more visible and inspire their people to move to new ways of working, helping your managers to create the motivation, skill and opportunities for people to work in new ways.
  • Embedding change so it sticks is all about being clear on what success looks like and how we’re going to track towards it. Aligning leaders on one clear change narrative and north star,creating a joined up change experience for your people
  • We adopt flexible, iterative approaches, pivoting as we gather new insights during the change process or as your business changes
Diagnostic tools »

Diagnostic tools

  • Business readiness: How ready are your people for your change to go live?
  • Post go-live support: How supported are your people to work effectively in new ways?
  • Our name is based on the Latin word, una meaning together. We believe in the power of collaboration so everyone succeeds to drive shared ownership for better outcomes
  • ‘Together’ also exemplifies how we work internally as a consultant team, combining our skills and collaborating to deliver solutions tailored to your needs
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  • People-led means that the people who are going to be impacted by your change have a chance to share their voice, or where possible shape what that change looks like, and how it’s implemented
  • Their insights mean that it’s much more effective because it’s deeply tailored to operational reality
  • Change is an emotional experience. We take our human self to work. So we need to appeal to people’s hearts and minds
  • Our Diagnostic Tools are designed to provide a conduit for the voice of your people, so they feel heard and can see their feedback turned into action
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  • It’s important to measure the effectiveness of your change interventions
  • Baselining data, measuring improvements over time from specific interventions and quantifying the effort that you’ve made, can help us make more objective, effective decisions that improve your programme overall
  • Our Diagnostic Tools enable data-driven decision-making
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  • Implementing change is about focusing action and effort towards a series of micro nudges that take us to the best outcome. It’s not necessarily about one big change, but incremental improvements and working with your people to refine solutions based on end user feedback.
  • It’s not about getting everything perfect until you go out into the world. Agility is about having an adaptive, growth mindset and being willing to pivot when circumstances change, which they inevitably do
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  • People experience change in different ways and as individuals. So we work with the different communities in your organisation who are impacted by the change to co-create solutions that are right for them.
  • It’s about being fresh and dynamic and creative, meeting you where you’re at, and delivering a solution that’s tailored to you
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  • Managing change effectively is an essential lever to deliver strategy
  • It anchors your delivery effort on outcomes, bringing your people together behind shared strategic goals, unlocking and expanding individual and collective potential
  • We work with you to create the optimal conditions for your people to move the organisation forward, delivering on your strategic goals

Our vision

To improve the employee experience of change to make the world a better place one nudge at a time.

Our mission

To enable organisations to be capable of delivering a people-led experience of change to achieve business goals.

Our values

  • Collaboration – we take time to understand each other’s and our clients’ unique context to deliver tailored solutions
  • Excellence – we always strive for best in class, we bring latest industry thinking and we are expert Change professionals
  • Simplicity – we make the complex simpler
  • Kindness – we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Our diagnostics: Base your change approach on real-life, data-driven insights from your people

We offer a suite of Change Diagnostic tools, from assessing how aligned your leaders are through to your readiness to go live and how well your change is landing.

The diagnostic dashboards bring meaningful metrics and insights to inform your change approach, and that’s something that has been historically difficult to do.

  • Powerful, simple, quick to complete diagnostics informing a data-led approach
  • Based on feedback directly from your people
  • Tailored to your unique context

Our Vision

Our vision is is to improve the employee experience of change across the world one nudge at a time.

A positive change experience creates better workplaces and happier employees, who help organisations to succeed and spread more joy to their communities and families.

Our client experience includes

Scenarios we can help you with

Transformation and strategy enablement

  • I need to embed a new business strategy and bring my people with me
  • I need to enable a business transformation and engage my people with impact
  • I need a partner to provide the workstream engine, operationalise and manage this alongside me
  • I need to get the leaders behind this
  • I need to deliver a people-led ERP change / system change
  • I need to drive a behavior and mindset change – to be able to delivery my business strategy

Change in functions

  • I’m a business leader and need to make a change in my team structure/ processes / ways of working / culture / operating model
  • I need support with communications and change for my project
  • I need help managing difficult stakeholders
  • We need to drive a culture shift

Organisational alignment and engagement

  • There’s a disconnect between leaders / teams slowing us down
  • We need some compelling content and ways to inspire our people to come with us on this journey

Change capability build

  • We need to build our capability to lead change
  • We need to boost our internal team
  • We need change resources to deliver at scale

Example change themes

  • Target operating model enablement
  • Team structure changes (Organisation design)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • ERP technology change and audits
  • Digital transformation journeys
  • Strategy refresh
  • Leader new in role
  • New processes
  • Culture evolution
  • Team ways of working

Our case studies

Management consultancy

Transformation change capability – designed and built internal transformation change capability to enable company growth.


ERP people readiness – delivered an assurance audit and recommendations to de-risk and enable a right-first time Phase 0 go live

Change diagnostics

Change diagnostic – delivered measurable improvements in programme effectiveness for a major energy company.

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